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Being an accountant and advisor to small businesses


Being an accountant and advisor to small business and offering truly valuable service nowadays means moving out of your comfort zone.

There is a lot of talk in the accountancy world about how compliance work is “dead” and how accountants will be replaced by robots as cloud technology becomes more and more artificially aware, being able to carry out transaction coding and producing accounts for small businesses quite easily.

I don’t believe this is the case. Running a small business involves a lot of emotional and logical decision making. This is where a modern accountant and advisor steps in. At Cloud 360 Accounting, we use cloud tech such as Xero and Receipt Bank with our clients to enable much more valuable conversations about their business. We automate things that can be automated and use the time freed up to dig deeper into our client’s figures.

We’re seeing more and more clients outsource their bookkeeping and finance function to us, allowing them more freedom to run their business and focus on the key growth drivers.

Meanwhile, many in our sector talk about “advisory” services but without putting some meaning and structure to what this means. Small accounting firms drift around not really getting to grips with how to really help their clients to grow, tinkering with lots of different software ‘solutions’ but never getting a client to see the value. What happens? Firms give up on “advisory” and clients miss out on valuable service.

Advisory services don’t have to be complicated or surrounded by fancy schmancy software. Some small businesses just need help focusing on a few key numbers, building systems around those but also in adopting the best mindset to help them personally and help their thinking on a day-to-day basis.

It’s why I’ve personally invested in coaching, mindfulness and NLP training to share with our clients. Sometimes the simple things are the easiest way to win and the things that make the most difference.



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