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We run the finance department in your business

Our award winning accounting firm were the first ever Xero Certified Advisors in Northern Ireland back in 2010.


Our team of Xero certified advisors offer a streamlined bookkeeping service using the latest accounting, with Xero at the core of everything we do for our clients. You can outsource your entire function to Satori so you can focus on growing your business and putting your time, energy, money and most importantly your passion back in your business.

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We bring you the services you need to thrive in your business and life

All our services are built around the Energy Time Money loop and our unique, life-centred approach to your numbers. Business owners are aiming to make profits, to build a business by design to give them the life they deserve.


Watch our video to hear what our clients have to say about working with Satori Accounting and how we can acheive harmony in your business and life finances.

Take a look at the range of services we bring to your business

All our services are designed with you in mind, to give you back your time, to put more money in your pocket, to create a business of value and help you regain your power and passion.

Take a look at the range of services we bring to your business

All our services are designed with you in mind, to give you back your time, to put more money in your pocket, to create a business of value and help you regain your power and passion.

Are you ready to fall back in love with being a business owner?

Book your discovery call now to find out how much time Satori can save you.

Tax Advisory Services

Not every client wants or needs every level of tax service that is available to businesses. Each client’s case is unique.

Our tax advisory services are delivered based on what is best suited to your circumstances.

Level 1:

Tax compliance

These tax services ensure your business is paying the right amount of 

tax, filing all your business tax returns, registration and deregistration.

Level 2: Tax advisory 

Tax advisory services include salary/dividend planning, profit extraction calculations and incorporation planning.

Level 3:

Tax consultancy

Tax consultancy gives you much more in-depth tax planning strategies for your business and includes areas such as:

R&D tax relief

Pension and retirement planning

Share schemes

Tax efficient restructuring

Planning & Forecasting

Running a business in today’s world means knowing where you are now, how your business has performed so far and where you are heading.


With our reporting and forecasting services, we will keep you informed of upcoming taxes and help you set funds aside for your bills…….and we’ll help you save on your tax bills too.


Get regular reports with guided advice, get a rolling cash-flow forecast, check on your actual figures against budget………all from your expert finance team at Satori.

Start-up Services

As a start-up business, you need lots of hand holding to guide you through.


Our team will work alongside you to get your business formed, registered for taxes, set up your cloud accounting systems and get started on running your digital finance department.


Your lead accountant will help draw up your annual budget and keep you accountable for your targets. We keep you on track by reminding you why you got started in the first place.

Life Centred Accountants

At Satori Accounting, we have signed the Life Centred Accountants manifesto. 


This means we structure all our services around our commitment to fulfil the following key objectives.


1. Life
– we are committed to taking time to understand your personal goals


2. Money
– we strive to understand your personal finances now alongside your current business position


3. Join The Dots
– we will report and advise on how to align your personal and business goals and money


4. Track & Communicate
– we keep you updated on how your business numbers are performing to help achieve your personal financial goals


5. Ongoing
– we provide monthly, quarterly and annual reviews of your key numbers to ensure you are accountable for your goals and actions

Compliance Services

There are lots of plates to keep spinning when you are running your own business. Getting your head around all the various deadlines can be mind-boggling.


With your own lead accountant and supporting finance team, we will take care of everything for you, getting everything filed with HMRC, Companies House, pension schemes and more.


We will run your payroll, take care of your VAT returns, file all accounts, forms and returns with statutory bodies…… making sure you never fall foul of costly late filing penalties.


Even more important, keeping your business compliant protects you if you are picked for HMRC enquiry…… so follow our lead and we’ll keep you right.


We will run your payroll, pay your staff, pay your suppliers, help collect on invoices due.

Digital Finance Department

You didn’t start your business to become an unpaid, unqualified bookkeeper did you?


As your digital finance department, you will have a dedicated and experienced bookkeeper to run your entire finance function and data processing.


You will get weekly updates and monthly data checking to ensure the numbers across all your digital finance apps make sense.


We help produce and issue your invoices, process and match supplier bills, gather your expense receipts, pay your staff, pay your suppliers, help collect money and handle credit control, reconcile your bank transactions…………..and much more.


Leave it to your expert team at Satori Accounting.

Get Started on Xero

Watching the TV adverts might make you think that cloud accounting tools like Xero are simple to start, to use and to operate.


The truth is that using Xero requires a lot more know-how. First things first, you need to have the underlying settings properly configured for your business needs.


This includes linking apps together, making sure everything goes to the right place, that VAT is properly handled, your reports are meaningful and you know the processes to follow.


If you already have an experienced bookkeeper on your side, we can help give them the bespoke training they need to use Xero most effectively, making use of automation tools and data checklists.