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When might Xero NOT be good for your business?

When might Xero NOT be good for your business?

Oohhhhhh………….is this a controversial article I hear you ask?

Let’s get one thing clear. Xero can be good for ANY business……….IF it is operated properly.

Let’s be clear on something else. Using Xero and other cloud apps won’t solve your #bookkeeping puzzle or cast some kind of magic spells.

Bookkeeping is a skill.

Using cloud apps and digital tech is a skill.

Saving #tax and helping you #growyourbusiness comes with professional judgement, advice and experience.

Getting training on Xero over a number of sessions really won’t bring everything you need to have a proper finance function in your business. That requires the right people running your systems. 10 years experience using Xero and working with small businesses has only confirmed this for me.

This is why we are being much more open and honest with prospects who come to us for Xero training.

We’ve taken lots of business owners through our Xero Starter package with great success. But if we’re honest, not everyone.

There are some clients who had our training, been given How To video resources specific to their use of Xero, even provided a bespoke Xero User guide for their business and they are still struggling to keep their data up to date and to get it right.

Sometimes giving people what they want isn’t the best way to serve their needs.

If you went to your doctor with an ache or pain, would you want some “how to” guide and some tablets to get you through, only to find yourself going back for more cures time and time again?

No…….you want a thorough health check, some blood tests, plenty of questions and a proper diagnosis. And you’d expect advice on diet or lifestyle changes to keep you right.

This is why we now won’t offer some businesses our Xero Starter package. Instead, we show them the value they get from having us as their finance team.

If you have little or no bookkeeping or finance experience……..if you’re the business owner…….and if you want to grow your business properly……..then you need to invest fully in your finance team.

#Xero is NOT for you.

It’s for us to use FOR YOU.

You’ll reap the immediate reward of time saved with future rewards in tax savings, VAT savings, ideas to make more profits etc.

Xero is an amazing idea for your business when run by the pros. It can be a source of frustration for you if you’re trying to use it but you know in your gut that this isn’t where your strengths lie or your passion is.

Focus on what you’re good at if you really want your business to thrive.

Let the experts guide you on the finance of your business especially through the choppy waters that lie ahead this year and next!

#makemoremoney #savetime #bettersystems #peaceofmind

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