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Wellness In The Workplace

It might not be as simple as calculating the return on investment when it comes to something like workplace wellness. But there is no doubt that there will be gains in your team’s performance and general well-being by introducing such a programme and these improvements will help elevate efficiency, resourcefulness and customer care.

Here are 3 good reasons to promote well-being in the workplace:

Increases productivity and motivation – healthy employees can physically perform better because they have more energy. They are also more efficient and more focused.

Brings teams together and builds morale – when teams engage in wellness initiatives together outside and inside work they have a shared purpose which builds camaraderie.

Decreases work-related stress – Fitness and healthy eating can reduce stress. And if a company can implement mindfulness and meditation this will also help people reduce stress.

How to encourage workplace wellness goals

It’s probably best not to get started by organising a group meditation session! Start by slowly rolling out our ideas on the simple stuff, so your employees won’t even realise that your initiative is being implemented into their workdays.

Create a productive environment

  • Better lighting (natural if possible)
  • Open desk and shared work-space
  • Positive colours and images

Encourage balance

  • Regular breaks from PC’s, laptops and mobiles
  • Standing and stretching
  • Go outside and get some fresh air

Ideas to consider for workplace wellness in a small business

One of the easiest things a small business should do is focus on getting the company culture right. This includes nurturing positive attitudes towards workday challenges, maintaining can-do approaches to problems, team-working, good phone etiquette and avoiding the temptation to complain.

Workplace wellness isn’t all group hugs, salads and jogging although a good balance of physical, emotional and mental activities is recommended.

Here are a few ideas to think about for your small business.

Exercise and Fitness:

  • Walk or bike to work schemes (the latter has tax breaks!)
  • Walking meetings
  • Gym membership
  • Take part in local walking or running events

Work Productivity:

  • Encourage creativity with collaboration spaces – an area of the office with seating and tables, where people can gather and throw around ideas.
  • Flexible work hours – improve employee life-work balance to help loyalty and satisfaction, and reduce burnout
  • Remote working
  • Personal development courses – topics such as self awareness, time management can be constructive when applied to normal day-to-day activities


  • Provide healthy office snacks
  • Monthly healthy lunches
  • Fresh water

Emotional Wellness and De-stressing:

  • Inspirational quote of the day
  • Volunteering with a community organisation and/or events
  • Mindfulness training
  • Internal training on creating positive outcomes for customers
  • Invite an expert in to talk to your team
  • Wellness days (or duvet day) – recently introduced by Xero for their entire global team


Mental health and emotional well-being is such a topical issue in today’s world. We are more connected than ever yet more and more people find themselves disconnected, anxious, stressed and having feelings of failure.

If your business to to truly excel and succeed, you need good systems to run your business and even better people to run the systems. Take care of your team and they’ll take care of your customers and your business.

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