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The Value Behind Company Values

The Value Behind Company Values

Company values should be more than just words on a page, they must become part of the organisation and the DNA of the company whilst reflecting what the business stands for. 

Following our recent rebrand and introduction of two new team members, our Founder and CEO, Kieran Phelan felt it was necessary to align the team and to work together to create a new set of company values that reflected ‘who’ Satori Accounting is today.  In this blog post, Kieran explains why company values matter and what he discovered from the Satori Accounting team day.


Getting ‘onboard’ with building company culture

American author and business consultant, Jim Collins once said, “Get the right people, in the right seats, on the right bus”.  In other words, an organisation must be steered in the right direction with your people quite literally, on board.  Company values directly impact the culture – but none of this is possible without having your people involved.

As a leader you must know where the company is going whilst bringing your team with you and making sure that they too are invested in that journey.  Even as a small business owner it is never too early to start planning your route.  Even as a solo-operation get clear about your vision and values, as this will prove to be your North Star on the entrepreneurial road.


Avoiding the dreaded ‘sea of sameness’ with real values

The tides of the ‘sea of sameness’ seem to be rising of late and as business owners we must strive to be extraordinary in a world where anyone can be ordinary.  I’d encourage you to look at how your business can stand out in terms of its values and its people to deliver a better service to your customers.


Make your values about who you truly are, be authentic and avoid replicating trends on social media or the latest hip and cool idea – your values must be REAL and in action every single day in your business.  Values and culture are also not about having a hammock or pool table in the office – values are what we aim to live by and breathe each day and show up via the words that we use, and the unexpected things we do for clients and customers.


Satori Company Values

As a collective we agreed on six core values that shape our company and our culture:


  1. Human: In a world of tech and screens, always add a personal touch
  2. Empathy: Everyone is doing the best they can in their current situation
  3. Listen: Give total attention to hear the true meaning in our conversations
  4. Curious: Never assume, ask better questions, keep an open mind
  5. Care: Always deliver more than expected with genuine intent
  6. Remarkable: Do one thing every week to give your client a superstar service

These values reflect who we are, how we work together and the service we offer clients.  However, it is so important to remember that you must go beyond words and ensure action is taken to put values into practice. 


Practicing what you preach

Excited, clarity, knowledge, focused and motivation were the summary words of the day from the team which demonstrates how a company day can really benefit an organisation.  People are power, and without them your company will suffer.  We’re excited to put our values into practice from here on out

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