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The Results Mindset: What is it, how do you get it and what can it do?

The Results Mindset: What is it, how do you get it and what can it do?

If you struggle to achieve the results you want, it’s likely you’re disregarding one of the key components of The Results Mindset formula. This formula helps to ensure our ideas are implemented, our goals are achieved, and we obtain our desired results.

The formula for achieving results is:

Decisions x Actions x Accountability = Results

1. Decisions

What are the decisions you need to make to achieve your results? Evaluate potential risks and opportunities and distil these into a maximum of four overarching goals for the year. These are clear decisions; what you are choosing to focus on.

image of cupped hands protecting a small saplingYou’ll likely start with more than four goals, but some might become actions you take to achieve a bigger goal. Focus on the four goals/decisions that will have the biggest positive impact on your business.

When you’ve chosen your goals, it’s essential that you record them in a plan. Depending on the results you want to achieve, this could be a Business Plan, Succession Plan, or a plan to improve your cashflow.

So, step one is to document your decisions as goals in a plan.

2. Actions

The second part of making sure that we achieve our results is to break down our decisions, or goals, into actions. For each goal we record in the plan, we might have 4-5 actions that we need to take. Breaking the goals into actions clarifies the steps to take along the path to achieving our goals, making the path to success clear and less overwhelming.

3. Accountability

The final component is accountability. This is often the missing piece of the puzzle. If we don’t have someone holding us accountable for the goals and actions that we’ve set, they often won’t happen. If you know somebody will be checking in to see that you’ve completed your actions, you’re far more likely to do them.

It’s important to decide on a person who is going to take responsibility for each action as well as establishing a review process to make sure the plan is being followed properly. Accountability helps us get the most important things done – remembering that the most important might not be the most urgent!

Achieving the results

image of a tree which is taller than others in the forestIf we want to get better results, it’s important to document our decisions in a plan, make sure that goals are followed up with clear actions, and hold ourselves to a system of accountability. Part of that accountability involves meetings and discussions to help determine the changes that need to be made toward achieving those goals.

The Results Mindset is all about the power of an idea being in its implementation. Let’s use it and make sure we don’t fail to implement the things that will greatly impact our business.

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” – Stephen Covey

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This post was originally created by The Gap and has been updated and edited for our readers


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