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Spring Clean Your Business!

Spring Clean Your Business

Spring has well and truly sprung!  With spring comes newness, freshness and a sense of brighter times ahead.  We’ve often heard the term ‘spring clean’ and typically we associate this with a house clean but what if we applied this to our work lives and business?  In that spirit, for this week’s blog, our founder and CEO Kieran Phelan shares his top five tips to spring clean your business this May…

Get The Marigolds Out!

A clear space equals a clear mind – so literally spring clean your office!  A tidy working space helps to create a tidy mind. 


Begin by declutteringthe Marie Kondo method is a great way to get started. Ditch any old equipment (drop into charity shops if in good condition), go through paperwork and file away as necessary and don’t forget to clean and dust those work surfaces and shelves! 


Having less distractions and a clearer space will not only free up extra space in your mind but will help you find things quicker – saving you more time in the long run!  Get your team involved in the decluttering to create a fresh start for the whole office

Spending Review

Take a look at all spending and outgoings in the business – be brutally honest and see what is working and what isn’t.  Once you have the hard data you can see where you can make savings. 


You’d be surprised where you can make savings in energy, downsizing space and having less stationary by creating digital assets – having less paper is not only good for the environment but means less decluttering further down the line.

Pricing Polish

Review all your current products and services and decide if they are all still relevant.  Ask yourself do they generate good margins and if anything can be done to improve.  It is also worth seeing if there is any potential for upselling amongst your current clients. 


Again, get the whole team involved in this process – you’ll be surprised at what information can come from these sessions.

Is Your Marketing Collecting Dust?

Conduct a performance review of sales and marketing, analyse what activity has been done to date and decide is it working?  Consider your sales and where they have come from and what marketing you have done to support that. 


Ask yourself, have we been consistent with our message and is it strong enough?  If it isn’t, now is the time for a spruce up and a change.  Consider speaking with a marketing professional if you need some extra hands on this one.

Time Audit

How are you spending your time working IN versus ON your business?  Begin by doing a time audit for 1-4 weeks and assess your time habits.  Be honest with yourself, what is distracting or disturbing you?  This will help identify your triggers and reduce time on ‘shallow work’ – we want to aim to spend more time on ‘deep work.’  Deep work consists of work that moves the needle in your business, rather than admin tasks that take time but don’t necessarily give us that push forward!


If you are interested in learning how we can help spring clean your business book a discovery call with us today.

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