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10 Reasons Property Management Love Using Xero

 10 Reasons Property Management Love Using Xero

Property management made easy with Xero accounting software. We are never done raving about Xero, but I mean they are making it way too easy for us. There software and add ons just keep getting better and better.

Why Property Managers Need Xero

Property managers have many tasks they need to monitor and do during their work day, this can be interrupted quite easily if a tenant needs assistance. Xero add ons have made it simple and easy for property managers to manage rent payments, and monitor financials. It is extremely important for property managers to stay on top of investment property financials and budgets, making sure the company has cash flow and plan taxes before the end of the financial year. Many property managers find this difficult as they don’t have a proper system in place. That is where Xero and its add-on partners comes in!

XERO is the easiest online accounting solution in the world, and here are top 10 reasons people love XERO:

  1. Automated daily bank feeds –You don’t have to enter your bank statements, every morning when your login you can see all off the in and out transactions.
  2. Fast, simple and customized invoicing – You can setup automated weekly invoice for rent that can be emailed to your tenant and will be reconciled with payments coming through every day so if they don’t pay the rent you will see the invoice as overdue so you can follow up straight away.
  3. Available anytime you’re online, from anywhere – You can control your investment when you are on holiday.
  4. Work together as a team on financials – This will help your accountant and other financial advisers to have access to your accounts if you give them permission.
  5. It is safe and secure.
  6. Smart reports with quick links to the source transactions – You would be able to see your financial everyday if you want!
  7. Dashboard gives a clear financial overview and you can also see your overdue rents – If you have more than one property you can monitor them individually
  8. Awesome support at no additional cost.
  9. No installation or IT maintenance required.
  10. Pay as you go and no up-front costs and no contract.


Talk to us about Xero today – any industry can make Xero their Hero!

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