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How to score in business

How to score in business

In this week’s blog our founder and CEO, Kieran Phelan compares running a successful business to managing a successful football team. 


Drawing inspiration from the ‘6 D’ model which breaks down our time and management into 6 Ds: do, defend, delegate, develop, direct and design, Kieran explores what we can learn from this model and football team management.


Kieran explored this topic in full in a recent, ‘Coffee with Cloud 360’ Facebook live, which you can watch in full here

What are the 6Ds and how can we apply them in our business?

Learnings From A Football Pitch

DO: Doing is the one we tend to all go to first, think working in your business and being focused on goal scoring, similar to a striker.  Typically, the strikers and forwards take all the glory and publicity and whilst doing is essential and a vital part of the team – we must not get blind sighted by the short-term wins and gratification that it brings.  Use this ‘D’ as a means to get real traction in your business and complete tasks that will propel the business forward.


DEFEND: Defending is all about issue management – we need to defend our position and make sure we don’t concede any goals!  Ensure your legal, HR and terms and conditions are all up to date and working for you to maximise this position.


DELEGATE: Delegating is our means to our people and planning, so it is relevant whether you are a large organisation or a sole trader.  Imagine yourself as a mid-fielder who is passing the ball around continually, receiving and giving passes backwards and forward.  Effective planning is key.


DEVELOP: Development is responsible for ensuring the direction of the business.  We must all be moving in the one direction and putting processes in place to facilitate this – similar to a winger who drives up and down the wing, taking the ball where it needs to go.


DIRECT: Having a clear direction that is data-driven will help ensure you are making the right decisions in your business.  This is like being on the sidelines acting as a football manager or coach who has all the notes, and watches what plays out and makes informed decisions based on that information.


DESIGN: All good businesses and football teams have a vision.  There are people who work on the strategy, the KPIs and keep the vision alive – this can be the board of directors in a football club. Make sure you make time to be that person in your business.


In conclusion, imagine your business like a football pitch – apply the 6Ds to your organisation and see where you can improve.  Don’t just kick these ideas around, get scoring today!  Book a discovery call with us today to see how we can help improve your business!

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