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How To Handle Change………Making It Work

Recently we’ve faced a few changes in our own business and it brought us back to the blog we wrote in May this year on change. Remember, there are 3 reasons why people decide to make changes in their business and/or in their personal life:

  • MUST – this is the most critical point that we arrive at and realise that we now have no choice but to make changes. A typical example is a change in legislation or a critical event that has just occurred.
  • NEED – this is the most common reason why people decide to make changes. They know by looking at how their business is performing or how their life feels that they need to make adjustments. Timing is critical because NEED can often quickly turn into MUST.
  • WANT – this is the best reason for change and the one that brings most success with it. You make a decision about the business and life that you want and you go for it! You can move as quickly or as slowly as you like, the important choice has already been made, now just keep moving forward.

We’ve been faced with a MUST change scenario which is never ideal. To help get us through the situation, we gave ourselves two choices:

  1. Treat the situation as an unmitigated disaster which will take a long time to get over
  2. Treat it as an opportunity to re-shape, re-focus and re-energise us whilst keeping our main focus on our goals and targets for this year

Guess what? We took it as an opportunity. No sailor or pilot would treat a change in the weather as a disaster. They change their flight path, their direction but still heading towards the same end destination.

One thing that can help you to see any change as an opportunity is the questions that you ask yourself. For example, after the initial ‘bombshell’ has dropped you could ask yourself “What the hell am I going to do?” Or you could ask “How can we tweak things in the short term to keep the needs of our customers met with the same quality as before?”

This may sound a bit of waffle, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The questions you ask yourself and your team will determine the answers you get. Be the leader, ask the right questions, listen to the responses and use this little technique to help you and your business adopt quickly and positively to any change you face.

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