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Ciara McCormick, Foyle & Marine Dredging

Last year, we decided that we wanted to carry out our bookkeeping in-house. We wanted to use a system that allowed us to update things regularly, was easy to use and understand, and allows us to complete our own payroll and VAT returns.

Kieran got involved with our business in August 2018 and completed our set up and training on Xero and Receipt Bank during September. The training was excellent and well planned out, allowing me time to learn the systems and routines in-between training sessions.

As it turns out, this service from Cloud 360 Accounting became so much more than adopting better accounting software……..we can see so much more about our business, we’ve learned lots more about our business by being able to easily look at our figures each month………and the time saved on bookkeeping by the automation Cloud 360 Accounting have built for us has cut down bookkeeping from 10 days per month to about 3 days.

More important is the impact on my personal life. Gone are the days of making something handy for the kids like chicken nuggets and over chips – I now have more time to actually cook proper dinners for the family!

If you want to start using Xero to make a big change to your business and your life, we would highly recommend Cloud 360 Accounting to help you with getting everything set up properly and getting the best training to implement your new cloud accounting systems.

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