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End of year goals review

This will be the last “working” Monday of the year and our last #MondayMotivation post of 2019!

No better time to recommend that we all look at our goals set at the start of the year and look at our progress.

This is the most important step in goal setting. From this review, spend a little time over the Christmas break setting your new goals for the New Year. Here are a few tips for your End of Year Goal Review.

  1. Celebrate your successes, even the small ones. If you signed up for the gym, that’s a good thing. If you decided to sign up for some cloud software for your business, well done. If you didn’t take anything further than that, take a look at point 2.
  2. It’s about being completely honest with yourself. Why didn’t you hit all your goals? Were you realistic in terms of what you could really achieve? Did you take enough action on a consistent basis? Don’t dwell on the things you didn’t quite manage, but do be 100% honest so that you know how you can improve next year.
  3. Based on the successes you achieved and the goals not fulfilled, draw up your goals for next year. More importantly, write down who else can help you achieve these goals. Do you need to work with a business coach? Can software be implemented to help? Can you replicate what someone else has done?

Make sure you put dates against your goals and include smaller steps/targets that will build up towards your overall goals.

If you want help taking your #smallbusinesss to the next level in 2019, we’d love to help you on your journey using the best in cloud tech for your systems.

Our purpose for our clients is:

If you want these things too, let’s get started in 2019!

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