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The Cycle of Success…………Make It Work for You!

It’s the beginning of another year and we’re seeing a lot of material on social media about New Year’s resolutions, goal setting, making 2018 your year etc…….

The truth is that 80% of people will have already broken or not stuck to their resolutions by 15th January. And if you’re a small business owner, falling down at this stage really isn’t what you want. Resolutions are part-time and breaking them is almost expected. If you’ve fallen into that trap or you’ve not got going just yet, then always treat tomorrow as day 1…………you don’t need to wait another 12 months.

I’ve been in exactly that situation this year. Just before Christmas, I built a brand new office for our business and planned to get up and running on 3rd January, and hit the ground running. It was only this week that I got to that stage.

The reason is that my father’s health took a turn for the worse and he broke his back in a fall shortly after Christmas. I had to take the role of full-time carer for a few weeks until help was available.

But this week, our team got together and looked at our plans for our business this year. And the journey starts now.

One of the key things we’re using to keep us focused is the Cycle of Success. It’s something I picked up from Tony Robbins and it works like this.

The cycle is comprised of 4 elements:

  1. The potential
  2. The action
  3. The results
  4. The belief

The cycle works in such a way that it acts as a multiplier to your mindset and if you use the cycle in the right way, you’ll develop the growth mindset within you to help drive your business forward.

As an example, let me describe how I used the cycle to build our own office premises.

Firstly, the cycle starts at potential. I saw potential to do this with ground available at our home. It could be done in such a way to fit into the locality and the size and measurements seemed to fit the bill. Having saw the potential was there, I was driven to the next stage…………action.

Next, I spoke to everyone I needed to about the project, the design I wanted, the costings, the intricacies. Of course I hadn’t a penny to do this but the potential made me keep taking action. And what did all this action lead to?

The next stage was the result. After only 7 weeks, we’ve moved our business to purpose built premises, our own little kingdom, the team love it and clients who have visited feel so at home in the cosy surroundings.

Which takes us to the final stage of the cycle……….belief. I am left with the belief now that anything is possible if you put your mind to it in the right way, if you keep going no matter what, if you make a path in times where you can’t find one. And that belief will serve me well for future goals.

So, the cycle of success means:

  • If you start off seeing the potential, you’ll take action. In fact, if you’re absolutely certain then the action you take will be huge.
  • The bigger the action you take, the bigger the results you’ll achieve.
  • The bigger the results, the greater impact you’ll have on your overall beliefs in what’s possible.
  • Finally, once you are instilled with confidence and belief, then you’ll start to see potential in EVERYTHING.

What the cycle of success really teaches us is that it all starts with your mindset. If you can get your mind into the proper state, if you can start with believing in the possibilities, if you focus on things that keep you driven and you keep asking the right questions, then the cycle of success can really change your business and change your life!

At Cloud 360 Accounting, we take a complete “360” view of your business with you. Accounting is where we start, to determine the potential. Success is where we will take you.

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