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Cheap tyres and cheap finance functions…

Cheap tyres and cheap finance functions…

One of the key elements of the software stack in our business is GoProposal.

This handy piece of software helps us create amazing proposals for our customers and allows us to be champions of clear and transparent pricing. With a proposal created through this app, we can clearly show our clients the services they need for their business alongside the price for each service element. 

We interviewed James Ashford, one of the founders of GoProposal as part of our series of interviews with SaaS founders and when we weren’t recording, talk turned to our ‘outsourced finance department’ service. james from goproposal and kieran from cloud360 video interview

James shares our enthusiasm for a well-run finance function and credits this as a cornerstone of his own company’s success.  Recently, he expanded on this and we’re including his thoughts in this week’s blog. Over to you, James. 

“It always bewilders me when people scrimp on tyres for their car. Let me tell you why… 

They buy a nice vehicle, which can go fast, that they put themselves and their loved ones in, and the only thing that keeps that vehicle safely on the road is a thin bit of rubber. They wait until their tyres are absolutely worn down and no longer legally compliant before they buy new ones and when they do, often look for the cheapest. 

Good tyres enable you to drive safely and efficiently. They handle changing conditions better, handle corners better, go faster and stop quicker. tyre in water

So why not get the best you possibly can?   

And the way many vehicle owners think about their tyres, is very much how a lot of business owners think about the finance function of their business, which determines what they want to spend on their accountant and bookkeeper. 

Business owners often look to keep the cost of their finance function as low as possible and in many cases aim to be just on the right side of compliance. When in reality, the finance function of your business is the only thing keeping it safely on track. 

If you invest in this key function properly, you can have something that keeps your business far safer and will enable you to go much faster, much further and navigate the inevitable obstacles with greater expectation and agility. 

Never scrimp on tyres OR your finance function. It’s too risky.” 

If you’d like to start investing in a proper finance team for your business, helping you to #makemoremoney #savetime with #bettersystems and giving you #peaceofmind, then click here to book a discovery call with one of our team today.  


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