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5 Apps that you need to get paid faster

Technology is a given in today’s business world. Utilising automation and having digital services integrated into your offering is an expectation that many customers will have.  We firmly believe in tailoring technology to suit your business and your customers.  Our roots are in cloud accounting, and back in 2010 we were the first Xero-certified accountants in Northern Ireland – so we are well-versed in advising and working with clients on best practice in this area.  When correctly used technology really can be your best friend in business – especially when it comes to payment processes.

Here’s our top 5 payment services available in Xero which you can use to improve payments and speed up money coming in from your customers…


  1. PayPal

PayPal and Xero have made it easy for you to automatically offer your customers more flexible payment options on invoices. Making it easy for your customers to pay means less time chasing money, so you can spend more time on other parts of your business.  It is really useful for ecommerce business and self-employed individuals to improve money the cash flow process from customers.


  1. Stripe

Stripe makes it easy to accept payments from debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay for online invoices sent from Xero – so you can get paid faster. You can also set recurring payments for repeat customers with auto pay to turn always-late into on-time payers.  Whenever you receive payments via Stripe, whether via a Xero invoice or an eCommerce store, you’ll automatically see the transaction data flow into Xero and can reconcile each payment with one click.  You can add a Pay Now button on your Xero invoices which allows your customers to click and pay by adding their card details easily.  Stripe is useful for lots of different business types. Especially for SaaS companies as a payment platform to collect recurring subscriptions for customers.


  1. GoCardless

Collecting regular payments like invoices and subscriptions can be painful – but it doesn’t need to be. GoCardless is made for recurring payments and puts you in control of when you get paid.

GoCardless is made for businesses that bill their customers on a recurring basis. It’s ideal for collecting payment for both intermittent and repeating invoices as well as subscriptions, retainers and instalments.  Online direct debits are so easy with GoCardless. We are GoCardless Certified partners. It’s our go-to option for small businesses who have recurring payments from customers. Particularly useful for business-to-business transactions.


  1. IwocaPay

The flexible checkout for your business customers. You get 100% paid up front, your customers choose to pay now or split it into 3 monthly instalments. As soon as your customers checkout you get the funds – no matter what they choose.

We are partners with IwocaPay and can introduce small businesses to their payment platform. When integrated with Xero, your customers get a link on your invoices allowing them to choose their preferred payment option. IwocaPay is really great for businesses with larger customer invoices and project type work, allowing your customers to pay over 3 months whilst you get paid upfront!  We recently hosted a Satori Session on Facebook Live which you can view here to learn more.


  1. Crezco

Free online payments. Allow your customers to make instant online bank transfers more seamlessly for free, saving them time and saving you money.

Crezco is an app we have worked with since its inception. Our involvement with The Early Adopters Hub allowed us to advise the owners on how to build their app and ecosystem.

This is the perfect app for one-off payments. Linking Xero and Crezco allows your customers to pay easily using a button on your online invoice. Customers are redirected to their own online banking access to authorise their payment, and this hits your bank account within minutes!




Whilst the TV adverts would certainly have you thinking integrating technology happens at the click of a button – it takes a little more how-know and expertise.  If you’d like to learn how technology can transform your business book a discovery call with us today.