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4 Ways to Get More Productive Now!

Would you consider yourself a productive person? Are you working to your full potential – if the answer is ‘No’ or even ‘I don’t know’ the tips below are for you!

Being productive isn’t an accident, productive people maximize the time they have. See below some of the most successful people’s productivity habits.

Eliminate Distractions


Work, work, work – oh hello social media….3 hours later…what just happened?! Sound familiar?

Distractions are everywhere in our day and it’s not just social media, they come in the form of emails, people, phone calls and everything in-between.

Successful people eliminate these distractions. Claire Burge CEO of This is Productivity decided to give up email for 12 months! Claire explains: “The unwritten rule of email is that you have to try and empty it out. But if you get away from this and into a task-based environment, work becomes a lot more productive.” This might be a major step and too much for some and now Claire and her team answer emails but only after 12pm.

What could you eliminate or even just reduce that would make you more productive?

Create a Work-Life Balance


Productivity can apply to work and home! You should be as productive at work as you are at home! Make time for family, friends and activities you enjoy. “A decade ago, I let my days just sort of all blend together,” says James Reinhart, CEO of San Francisco-based online clothing resale platform, which has grown from 30 employees to 140 in the past year. He soon realized that “it’s the quality of my decision making that ultimately makes the company successful.” Without the time to go into refresh mode, “you never end up with the space to think.”

Delegation is key


Delegation is letting go of control – something a lot of entrepreneurs do not find easy! However, we can’t do it all! Finding people who can effectively carry out tasks (Obviously never as effectively as we can) is a major key to productivity. You time can be better spent on other more important things.

Focus on one thing at a time


Are you a busy fool? Productive people focus on one thing at a time and get that done.

Multitasking can actually limit your productivity and the quality of work you do.

Gary Keller, author of The One Thing says “You can do two things at once, but you can’t focus effectively on two things at once.”

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