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3 Things Every Business Owner Needs To Know About Accounting

It’s easier to understand than it used to be

Although nobody expects you, as a business owner, to understand your accounts completely, a good accountant should make sure you understand the basics.

Also, using online software tools can give you a better grasp on what’s going on and help you see visually things that might otherwise have been not so easy to see.

If you feel you are in the dark when it comes to your accounts, arrange an appointment with us today.


Business accounts don’t have to be time consuming…

Many of the cloud-based online accounting solutions make it quick and easy to keep an eye on money coming in and out of your business.
Most online accounting systems have tools that do the work for you.

Talk to us and we can recommend the best system for your business



Your accounts and marketing can go hand in hand

To have a successful business, a company’s break-even point needs to monitored. If your business has £8,000 in expenses, you must make £8,000 in revenue to break-even – although we always want to make more, as successful businesses usually need a profit! Marketing comes in if you haven’t reached your break-even point, you can focus on increasing marketing and In turn sales or decreasing expenses.

Lots of business owners don’t know their break-even point, knowing this can keep you focused on making a profit and increasing your bottom line!


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